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1)silicone coated, 2-way;
2)size: 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr, 20Fr, 22Fr;
3)balloon capacity: 5-15ml, 30ml;
4)length: 240mm;
5)color coded rubber/plastic valve;
6)EO sterilization

Plastic Valve
Cat.No. Size(Fr/Ch) Ballon Capacity(cc) Color Code
MT58014051 12 5/10/30 white
MT58014052 14 5/10/30 green
MT58014053 16 5/10/30 orange
MT58014054 18 5/10/30 red
MT58014055 20 5/10/30 yellow
MT58014056 22 5/10/30 violet
MT58014057 24 10/30 blue
MT58014058 26 10/30 pink

1.Made from natural latex.
2.Good biocompatibility
3.Silicone coated surface reducing allergic reaction
4.Smooth tapered tip facilitating introducting
5.Color-coded for visualization of size
6.Length: 270mm (pediatric); 400mm (standard)
7.Single use only

Intended Use:
The latex foley catheter is used in departments of urology, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and gynecology for drainage of urine and medication. It is also used for patients suffering form moving with difficulty or being completely bed-ridden. The Urethral cathetersare passed through the urethra during urinary catheterization and into the bladder to drain urine, or for inserting fluids into the bladder.

Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Rubber  Valve,12Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014021
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Plastic  Valve,12Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014031
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Rubber  Valve,14Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014022
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Plastic  Valve,14Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014032
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Rubber  Valve,16Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014023
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Plastic  Valve,16Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014033
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Rubber  Valve,18Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014024
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Plastic  Valve,18Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014034
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Rubber  Valve,20Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014025
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Plastic  Valve,20Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014035
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Rubber  Valve,22Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014026
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Plastic  Valve,22Fr/Ch,  5-10-30cc ,400mm MT58014036
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Rubber  Valve,24Fr/Ch, 10-30cc ,400mm MT58014027
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Plastic  Valve,24Fr/Ch,  10-30cc ,400mm MT58014037
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Rubber  Valve,26Fr/Ch,  10-30cc ,400mm MT58014028
Latex Foley Catheter ,2-Way Standard,Plastic  Valve,26Fr/Ch,  10-30cc ,400mm MT58014038

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